Your prints


Your prints will literally last 500 years if you take care of them. All of the inks used, the paper, the canvas, are of the highest quality. The utmost care has been taken in shipping them to you. 
 All prints are unframed.
Mostly in unconventional sizes as they were not originally painted with prints in mind. We suggest taking them to a professional local framer to have framed. Canvases can be professionally stretched and/or framed. 
 All prints have a border to facilitate framing.

Many people like a white border around their framed work. I do not. I feel the piece should exist by itself. With a minimal, tight to the edge frame. However that is a personal choice. Go with what is right for you. It is your home. You should feel good when you look at your piece…so go with a framing style that suits your personality, your preferences. Think about the space you want your piece in. I like to have my favourite things around me, where I can see them. Consider the room or space you want your piece in. If there’s lots of wood, a wooden frame.  If it’s light and uncluttered a simple white frame. If it’s dramatic and dark, a black frame. Go with what you feel is right for harmony between your space and the piece. 
  Larger prints will become the focus of a room. A talking point. Creating an energy for that space. Smaller prints lend themselves to more intimate spaces. 
Grouping or pairing pieces can work beautifully.