Collection: Ocean


OCEAN is a collection of works inspired by the artists love of her physical environment, the beaches and ocean pools of the eastern suburbs of Sydney. They are not paintings of the ocean but rather paintings of feelings inspired by the ocean. ‘
“Siphoned from daily sunrise swims, beach combing and snorkelling, rummaging through shoreline debris, walking on the long sandy beaches, climbing rocks, watching life unfurl within rock pools, seeing dolphins and whales cruise by, feeling the wind in my hair. 
    For me the ocean is where I recharge, relax and unwind. I grew up on a farm in northern NSW. A small dairy farm, which meant we only got to the ocean once a year. One giddy day of liberation.
    For the last 22 years I have lived by the beach in Sydney. I love it. The salty tang, shifting colours, being immersed in wild, silky currents of Motion. It still excites me. I swim every day. I carve out this time. Just for for me. Away from screens, work, to-do lists, responsibilities. To connect with the natural world. It gives me peace and energy. Dead emotions, worries drop away. I feel renewed. Filled with calm, beauty and joy. Soothing my mental health and building my physical health.  Creating a crucial feeling of space for me.
If you connect with this series I hope it brings you some of the calm, the joy and the beauty it was inspired by.”