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Original artworks and prints


  OCEAN is a collection of works inspired by the artists love... 


 This collection is focused on the idea and practise off deep listening.... 

  • Dr Eleanor Limprecht

    “We have a beautiful painting of Rose’s in our family room. Every time I walk in it makes me feel good. The only problem is that my daughter thinks it should be in her room.”

  • Mel of Randwick with “Connection”


  • Eneasz, of Bondi

    “Absolutely beautiful.”

  • Natasha, Matilda and Michael of Maroubra very happy with their print of “Energy”

    Tash, Michael and Matilda of Maroubra

    “Delighted to own a piece of Rose’s beautiful art. Thank you.”

  • Celeste from Glebe with “energy”

    “The dark blues drew me in.”

  • Adriana and her mother, from Mexico.

    “They convey joy. They brighten your day. I live on Wilson St as an exchange student, I see the Skippy Girls every day. They make me happy. This is my last week in Australia and Rose’s first week selling her Skippy Girls on cards. I cant believe how lucky I am to see them and buy them before I go home. This is my happy piece of Australia.”

  • Alice from Quakers Hill,Sydney.

    ”It’s stunning.”

  • Karen Schuber, ACT. Canberra.

    “Every time I look at my piece of art by Rose it transports me back to summer holidays by the beach. this piece is “A study in seaweed” and from the first moment I saw it I had to have it. I never tire of looking at it. This artwork has so many dimensions to it. The way the light hits it during the day brings out different emotions. I really love it. roses art has pride of place in our lounge room. The fluidity evokes carefree days spent by the ocean.”

Dark feature wall plus the right artwork.

It’s your space. Own it. Create the world you want to live in. Canvas vs paper personally I prefer prints of my work printed on canvas, stretched over a frame, floating unobstructed on a wall. No glass, no white border no exterior frame. I feel the work should be able to stand on its own in a space. With nothing to obstruct or cage it. If there absolutely has to be a frame I would go with a thin black or wood frame snug to the canvas. I provide an option for both paper prints and canvas prints. All of my prints come unframed unless you specifically order a frame or, in the case of canvas, to have it stretched over a frame. There is certainly a thrill in opening a parcel to reveal a beautifully finished artwork ready to hang on the wall immediately. I am so impatient I want it on the wall straightaway.

Meditative painting

Meditative Painting. Making my paintings is a strangely calming process. Meditative. I think of it as making energy visible. A visual doppelgänger of deep listening..a deep seeing..or record of seeing. My paintings are more about the energy and feelings of a place…such as the ocean, or inside our bodies, rather than a strictly representative format. I never found my own voice/style in painting until my exhibition “Float.” An installation of thousands of cardboard butterflies. The repitition, flow and feeling of “Float” led me right into my own style of painting. Just listening to what was in front of me led me forward.

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