Why choose us?

Why Choose Us?


Each piece is a museum quality archival print of an original artwork.             Created to bring joy and uplifting energy into your home. A reminder to slow down. To practice connection to the self, with others and our environment. To feel more joy, beauty and serenity. As the artist it is my hope to share the feelings my art gives me with you. 

Why Choose to shop here?

Ultimately you choose to invest in enriching your own home and life with a print of an original artwork that you connect with in a positive and beneficial way. Uplifting your energy each time you see it.  
Also shopping here means you are supporting an individual artist. Literally feeding a family, not a corporation. By buying here you support the artist to make more art to share with more people. Growing a system of connections between people who resonate with the same art that you do. 

The Process.

Each artwork started either as a vision or an experiment. Original artworks are acrylic paintings on stretched canvas. All executed by hand. As each work is an organic reflection of either feelings or the environment any irregularities in colour or form are intentional. A way to embrace and respect the organic nature of life. Each piece has then been professionally scanned with world leading technology. Prints crafted using pigment laden inks on archival paper for unsurpassed museum level quality by the devoted team at cie-elle in Sydney. The team at Cie-Elle work very closely with the artist to ensure that all colours are correct.

About the work.

A selection of recent paintings from three series.

Connection is the first in a series designed to reconnect ourselves with ourselves, with others and our environment.

Of paintings of the cilia that line our stomachs

This is a series focused on deep listening. A visual essay on importance of paying attention. Close attention to ourselves, others, our environment. To feelings and intuition. For me a sure path to this is listening to my gut. What is my stomach telling me? Does this feel right for me? What choices-food, lifestyle, environment, relationships resonate inside me in a way that is right. That is true. 

Culturally we spend so much time outside of ourselves, screens, external stimuli, we have lost our ability to listen to our own truths, the ability to really listen to each other. The crucial ability to listen to and respect our environment. The importance of synergy.  

More paintings to come in this series.

OCEAN is a collection of works inspired by the artist’s love of her physical environment, the beaches and ocean pools of the eastern suburbs of Sydney. They are not paintings of the ocean but rather paintings of feelings inspired by the ocean. Siphoned from daily sunrise swims, beach combing and snorkelling. 

“The Ocean series explores my connection to my environment. The east coast of Sydney. After growing up inland northern NSW on a small farm, where we only got to the ocean once a year, I was fascinated with the ocean. For the last 22 years I have lived by the Pacific Ocean. I love it. The salty tang, the shifting colours, being immersed in the wild, silky currents of motion. It still excites me. I swim every day, snorkel, beach comb and used to dive. This time in the ocean each day is time I carve out. I see it as essential. A chance to connect with my environment, the larger world. Away from screens, chores, work and the ceaseless to do list.  

  It gives me peace and energy.  Recharges me. Dead emotions drop away and I feel filled with calm, beauty and joy.  Soothing my mental health and building my physical health.  Time at the ocean affords me perspective. 

  If you connect with this series I hope it can bring you some of the calm, beauty and joy that it was inspired by.”



“In 2000 I had an exhibition at Tin Sheds Gallery. An installation of 20 000 white cardboard butterflies. At the time I was working in mostly sculpture and installation. This installation was titled Float. Only after Float was I able to start finding my voice as a painter. I began two decades of paintings informed by the feeling and the repetition of the installation. The relationship of the single to the whole. 

 These paintings became a platform for me. A garden bed of ideas. A meditation on cause and effect. Studies on vibrations. Most of them have been sold. Only these three.  My last three in the series remain.”


Customer testimonials

“Every time I look at my artwork, from her Ocean series, it transports me back to summer holidays by the beach. From the first moment I saw it I had to have it.       I never tire of looking at it. This piece has so many dimensions to it. The way the light changes in the room throughout the day bring out different aspects. I really love it. It has pride of place in our home.”

Karen Schuber, Canberra

“Rose’s artworks inspire and invigorate. They are playful and intricate. We have a painting of hers hanging in our home and my teenage daughter wanted it in her bedroom. I told her she has to share it with the rest of us.”

Dr Eleanor Limprecht Sydney, Australia