“Connection” 2022, acrylic on canvas

In 2000 I had an exhibition of 20 000 paper butterflies installed at Tin Sheds Gallery, Sydney. This was the result of finding a single paper cut out butterfly on the floor of Reverse garbage in Marrickville. I took it home duplicated it and loved the play of light and pattern created by the butterflies and their shadows. The installation “ Float”  began 21 years of acrylic paintings concerned with repetition, pattern, rhythm and movement.
I see my paintings as being an ongoing meditation on cause and effect. They are a garden bed of ideas and feelings. As I am not naturally a 
patient person it’s a little weird to paint in this fashion, these works are detailed, repetitious and time consuming. 
Sometimes I paint to particular pieces of music letting the sounds effect the placement, other times I work in silence. often I am simply following a blueprint of a finished design that has presented itself to me in a vision. Others are complete experiments.
For me they are like a platform, a window, a reflection, a journey, an exploration. Like the little vibrating cells of our bodies that are “us”. Small things making big things. Particles. Illusions. Optical vibrations.