Collection: Connection

 This collection is focused on the idea and practise off deep listening. The importance of paying attention. Close attention. To ourselves. To each other. To the environment. To feelings and intuitions.

First we must connect to ourselves. What am I feeling? Why? Am I listening to my intuition? Am I being respectful to myself?  For me, a sure path to honest listening is to listen to my gut. My inner feelings. What is my gut telling me? Am I stressed? Am I calm? Is this the right decision for me? What choices and actions are best for me? 
  While considering deep listening I discovered a medical image of the hairs that line our gut. So beautiful. This unseen garden. I felt that I could interpret this image as a way of telling the story of listening to our gut. Our intuition. Our unseen self. I feel there are more paintings to come in this collection. 

Do you need a small or large reminder to listen to your gut?