Collection: Float

 “I went to university to learn how to paint and was quickly disillusioned by what I found there. I ran from painting to sculpture. Years later I had an exhibition, “Float” at Tin Sheds Gallery in Sydney. An installation of 20 000 white, folded, cardboard butterflies. This was a time I was working mainly in sculpture and installation.

Only after Float was I able to find my voice as a painter. This began two decades of paintings informed by repetition. Flow. Patterns. Synergy. The relationship of the individual to the whole.  These paintings became a platform for me. A garden bed of ideas. A meditation on cause and effect. Studies on vibrations. Invitations to consider deeper meanings, spiritual development and energetic transformations.

The physical process of painting in this repetitive style is calming. Quite meditative in itself. The act of painting this way calms the mind. You focus on one element at a time while being aware of its relationship to the whole. Sometimes I paint in silence. Breathing. Being. Sometimes I paint to particular pieces of music. There is always space for the painting to come forth. When I am ready to receive it. It comes. If this resonates with you. Sits with you. Invites you. Then it is meant to be with you.”